MeanGreen Road Warning Kit & Dual USB Port


The MeanGreen optional ROAD WARNING LIGHT KIT & DUAL USB PORT (HEAD, TURN, TAIL, HAZARD, HORN) is an accessory that can be added to certain MeanGreen mowers to increase visibility and improve safety when operating the mower on public roads or in other potentially hazardous areas. Here is a short description of the kit:

  1. Compatibility: The LED Floodlight Kit is specifically designed to be compatible Rival, Vanquish & EVO series mowers.
  2. Light types: The kit typically includes a set of bright, flashing LED lights that can be mounted on the front and rear of the mower. These lights are designed to increase visibility and help alert other drivers or pedestrians to the presence of the mower.
  3. Control box: The kit may also include a control box that allows users to adjust the flashing patterns or turn the lights on or off as needed.
  4. Power source: The lights are powered by the mower's battery, which means they can be used without requiring additional batteries or power sources.
  5. Benefits: Adding a Road Warning Light Kit to a mower can help to improve visibility and safety, particularly when operating the mower on public roads or in other areas where it may be difficult for other drivers or pedestrians to see. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents or collisions.
  • Lights and charging ability
  • LED Lights
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this drain the battery of the mower?

A very small amount of the battery is used to power these lights.

Are these lights LED?

Yes, all of the operational lights and flashing lights are LED.

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