About EEZero

About Us


Built around sustainability and giving back to the earth. We have partnered with some of the best eco-friendly organizations to bring you better alternatives for home and garden. We stand by our commitment to customer service and helping deliver excellence at every step.

Our team

Meet The EEZero Team

Jean-Luc Riendeau | Owner EEZero
Jean-Luc Riendeau
Director of Operations / Co-Owner

Following my college graduation with a degree in Instrumentation Control and Electrical, I spent five years constructing pharmaceutical freezers. During this time, I gained a deep understanding of the significance of service and customer contentment. The start of EE ZERO was driven by our aspiration to introduce sustainability to South Carolina. I am enthusiastic about collaborating and exploring avenues to promote the adoption of sustainable products in South Carolina.
Sylvain Riendeau | Owner EEZero
Sylvain Riendeau

After dedicating 34 years to the life science industry, I have made the decision to pursue another passion of mine, which is sustainability. Under the banner of EE ZERO, we have forged partnerships with leading battery-powered and sustainable companies, and our growth is ongoing. As a company, our primary objective is to deliver top-notch service and ensure the satisfaction of our valued customers.

Our Mission

Fighting climate change through sustainable lawn & power equipment. Our mission is to fight global climate change by providing sustainable lawn and power equipment through a reputable selection of sustainable suppliers. We understand the importance of partnerships that value company knowledge, relationships, innovation, and honesty.

Our Vision

Reducing CO2 emissions and promoting a healthier environment. To be a leader and trusted partner providing battery powered solutions to greatly reduce gases responsible for the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Our Philosophy

  • Provide the best customer experience.

  • Take absolute responsibility for our client’s complete satisfaction.

  • Listen to our customers and provide sustainable solutions.

  • Continue to innovate as it relates to technology and offer the most efficient and effective solutions.

EE Zero's Quality Policy

Our quality mission is to provide the best customer experience, through a company-wide commitment to integrity, communication, and teamwork. We will continually provide the best sustainable solutions, and services. We will work to be the very best at what we do, in every phase of our business.

Offsetting Carbon

We believe that offsetting carbon emissions is everyone's job. Small changes in lifestyle habits have major implications for fighting global climate change.

Reduction of CO2 Emissions

Reducing emissions is the primary goal with electrical powered tools, but we have also found that these solutions are more reliable and easy to maintain.

Partnering with Climeworks

EEZero has partnered with Climeworks to fight global climate change. We currently are removing 1,280 kg of carbon dioxide from the air for subsequent underground mineralization and storage per month.