Kress Commercial 7.2 kWh CyberTank Portable Power Station


Introducing the 8-minute CyberSystem DC-DC charger – the powerhouse solution for energizing your Kress 60 V or Kress 60 V CyberPack throughout the entire day. Bid farewell to fuel expenses by recharging in your workshop or garage after work!

Benefit from cutting-edge battery management systems that enhance battery performance and lifespan. Swift charging capabilities enable a full 100% charge of our CyberSystem battery in just 8 minutes. The control panel boasts an LCD interface providing charging updates and diagnostic prompts to ensure you're always in the know about battery status.

With integrated GPS and 4G features, seamlessly linked to the Kress Commercial App, enjoy a range of functionalities including Anti-Theft security, Tool Tracking, Battery health monitoring, Maintenance reminders, and more.

Equipped with 3 DC-DC charging ports, this unit offers versatility in energy distribution. The waterproof design and robust construction guarantee resilience even in the harshest conditions. Designed with a forklift base, moving this charger is effortless.

For those seeking additional utility, an optional inverter is available to power your AV appliances. Experience convenience, efficiency, and eco-friendliness with the 8-minute CyberSystem DC-DC charger.

  • Charging on-the-go with 7.2 kWh mega capacity
  • 8-minute fast charging
  • Air cooling technology
  • GPS and 4G capability linked to Kress Commercial App
Frequently Asked Questions

Battery capacity: 150 Ah

Battery voltage: 48 V

Voltage: 60 V

Charging times: 1x4.0Ah or 1x11Ah@Booster mode 8min(5min to 80%capacity); 1x4.0Ah 14min(10min to 80%capacity); 2x4.0Ah 14min(10min to 80%capacity); 1x11Ah 14min(10min to 80%capacity); 2x11Ah 14min(10min to 80%capacity)

Weight: 367 lbs

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