Kress Commercial 60V 16.5'' Line Trimmer- Tool Only

Tool Only


Introducing the pioneering cordless solution for commercial line trimmer tasks. The Kress line trimmer revolutionizes operations by eliminating the need for gas. Driven by an innovative battery and charging system, power shortages on expansive properties requiring thorough trimming are a thing of the past. The Kress-built brushless motor ensures potent performance, whether on meticulously groomed lawns or when confronting dense weeds in untamed areas. Designed for resilience, the trimmer head combines quick-load line features with IPX4 waterproofing, adeptly addressing the challenges of daily landscaping.

Combining power and portability, the Kress commercial line trimmer boasts 1.2 kW output - equivalent to a 30cc 2-stroke gas-powered tool. Fit for both routine landscaping and the rigors of unruly terrain, this trimmer's RPM can be effortlessly controlled to match trimming needs.

With a Quick-load trimmer head featuring a 9m spool capacity, efficiency is maximized while line winding is minimized.

The Kress commercial line trimmer delivers power comparable to a 30cc gas tool, meeting everyday landscaping demands and tackling demanding overgrown areas. RPM control is at your fingertips with a simple button press.

Kress's commercial-grade brushless motors shine in power, runtime, and longevity compared to traditional brush-type counterparts.

A steel driveshaft guarantees unwavering durability even in tough conditions.

Keep a vigilant eye on battery levels and adjust settings with the built-in LED Control Panel.

The Kress aluminum gearhead thrives in the demanding contexts of daily landscaping.

Equipped with an IPX4 waterproof rating, you can persist through wet-weather days without pause.

Embrace uninterrupted work even in relentless rain with the reassurance of IPX4 waterproofing.

  • Deliver 1.2kW output power
  • Kress-built brushless motor
  • Slim design trimmer guard
  • The Quick-load trimmer head with 9m spool capacity
  • Solid steel driveshaft
  • Aluminum gearhead
  • 8-minute CyberSystem
  • Connected to Kress Commercial App
Frequently Asked Questions

Motor type: Brushless

Voltage: 60 V

Cutting speed: 4200/5100/5900 rpm

Cutting width: 16 17/32 in

Line diameter: 15/16 in

Weight: 10 lbs

Water protection index (IP code)IPX4

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