Kress 60 V 850 cfm cordless brushless blower - with 5.0Ah battery and charger


Introducing the Kress 60V 850 CFM blower, equipped with a brushless motor that unleashes unparalleled power, setting the stage for professional-grade performance.

  • The Variable Air Control nozzle offers exceptional versatility, seamlessly transitioning between wide-area blowing at an impressive 850 CFM and an intensely powerful spot-cleaning jet, reaching speeds of 175 MPH.
  • Kress-built brushless motors elevate power levels, runtime, and extend the overall service life of the blower.
  • The innovative air nozzle design efficiently increases air volume without significantly impacting battery charge consumption, effectively clearing leaves and debris.
  • Experience seamless control with continuous variable speed, enhanced by Turbo mode, ensuring optimal efficiency, runtime, and power output.
  • The well-balanced and ergonomic design maximizes control while minimizing fatigue during extended use.
  • Embrace the advantages of the Kress 60V Battery System, where a single 60V battery empowers all Kress 60V tools.
  • High performance brushless motor
  • Switch between spot and wide-area nozzle (high speed and high volume)
  • High-speed axial blower
  • Speed control with turbo mode
  • Variable air control blower nozzle
  • Ergonomic Product Design
Frequently Asked Questions

Battery & Charger

Voltage: 60 V


Air speed:190 mph

Weight & Dimensions

Weight:4.9 lbs

Basic specifications:

Variable speed ✓

Maximum air volume: 850.5 cfm

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