EcoFlow Wave 2 With Add On Battery

Battery Included

The world's first wireless portable AC with heater. EcoFlow's tailor-made compressor enables WAVE 2 to provide 5100 BTUs of cooling and 6100 BTUs of heating. Get ready for the ultimate comfort with WAVE 2!


Powering the Wave 2: There are 4 different methods for powering the Wave 2. Solar, AC plug in, Car Adapter and Battery.

Runtime: Using the optional battery with the Wave 2 in Eco mode you can use the Wave 2 for 8 hours of Cooling.

Noise: With a range of 44-56 dB the Wave 2 is quiet enough to sleep beside in comfort.

Refrigerant used: The EcoFlow Wave 2 uses R290, a refrigerant with extremely low Global Warming Potential.

Heating and Cooling Capacity? Cooling the unit produces 1500W / 5100 BTU. Heating the Unit produces 1800W / 6100 BTU.

Weight: The Wave 2 is 32lbs. Battery is 17 lbs.

Dimensions: 518 × 297 × 336 mm (20.4 × 11.7 × 13.2 in)

Frequently Asked Questions

How big of an area can the unit cool / heat? The unit is rated to cool 107ft².

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