EcoFlow GLACIER with Detachable Wheels and Lever + Plug-in Battery

Battery Included

Make moving the Glacier even easier!


Charging methods: There are 4 different methods for powering the Wave 2 and Glacier. Solar, AC plug in, Car Adapter and Battery.

Runtime: Using the optional battery with the Glacier the unit can run for up to 40 hours. 

Battery Capacity: 298Wh

Battery Cycle life: 800 cycles to 80%

Noise: The Glacier the Ice maker is 52dB, Refrigeration is 42dB.

Cooling Speed: The fastest cooling in the industry. Cooling at the optimum speed when empty, GLACIER rapidly cools from 86°F (30°C) to 32°F (0°C) in around 15 minutes.

Space: 38L Capacity = 60 × 12oz Cans. Taking food on the go has never been so easy with the Glacier. Anything from milk in the fridge to steaks in the freezer.

Refrigerant used: The Glacier uses R600a.

Weight: Glacier 50.7 lbs. Battery 4 lbs.

Dimensions: Glacier 776 × 385 × 445 mm

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the wheels and handles permanent? No, they are easy detached and attached.

Do the wheels stick out from the unit? Yes, the stick out 4 inches from the back side.

Are the wheels hard plastic? The wheels are hard plastic but coated in rubber so they will not damage any surfaces.

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