82SN22 Brushless 22" Dual Port Snow Thrower

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The Greenworks 82SN22 Brushless 22" Dual Port Snow Thrower is a powerful and efficient machine designed for removing snow from driveways, sidewalks, and other surfaces. Some of its features and specifications include:

  1. Brushless motor: The snow thrower is powered by a high-efficiency brushless motor that provides extended run time and power.
  2. 22" clearing width: The snow thrower has a 22" clearing width, which allows for efficient removal of snow from large areas.
  3. Dual Port discharge chute: The snow thrower features a dual port discharge chute that allows for greater flexibility in directing the snow as it is thrown.
  4. Adjustable height: The snow thrower has an adjustable height that allows for precision clearing of snow at different depths.
  5. Durable construction: The snow thrower is built to withstand tough working conditions and is designed to be durable and long-lasting.
  6. Adjustable handlebars: The snow thrower has adjustable handlebars that provide a comfortable and secure grip for the operator.

'- Save $343 buying this Kitted Tool vs. buying the tool, battery and charger separately!- 22" Clearing Width- 12.5” Clearing Depth- Two Battery Ports- 180-degree rotating chute- What's Included: (1) 8Ah Battery and (1) Dual Port Charger

Frequently Asked Questions

Snow Blowers FAQS

Will temperature affect my battery performance?

Lithium-Ion batteries are very resilient to cold temperatures. However, we always recommend charging and storing the battery in a safe, dry, room temperature environment. Long-term cold whether use/storage can cause the internal temperature of the battery to drop. If the internal temperature of the battery drops below -17°C, voltage output maybe reduced and battery communication may be affected. However, if a cold battery is brought back into a safe, dry, room temperature environment and allowed to warm up (should take no more than 10-20 minutes), then there should be no long-term negative impact to battery performance or lifespan. Please note that we recommend placing the battery on the charger after it has returned to room temperature to ensure maximum charge when in use.

Can I use my snow blower on gravel?

No, we don't recommend using our Greenworks Snow Throwers or Snow Shovels on gravel surfaces. Gravel, stones, or any loose surface material will be picked up and thrown by the snow thrower, causing damage to the unit and potentially to nearby property and people. However, exceptions apply for the 60V dual stage Snow Thrower.

What is the impeller made of?

Most Greenworks impellers are made of polyethylene plastic. However, the Greenworks 80V 22” –22” is made of metal/rubber and the dual stage is made of full metal.

What is the recommended ambient temperature range?

Greenworks snow throwers can be stored at any temperature if the environment is sheltered (indoors) and dry. However, batteries and chargers should be stored between 1.4°F (-17°C) ~ 113°F (45°C).

How big of a driveway can this cover in a single battery charge?

Our snow thrower kits are usually packaged with enough battery capacity to cover at least the average four car driveway. Please note that actual performance can vary according to snow depth and snow condition.

Is the Snow Blower difficult to assemble?

It depends on the model, but most Greenworks Snowblowers require minimal assembly with users only needing to attach the handle and chute. Assembly instructions can be found clearly detailed inside the owner's manual. If you have any questions or concerns that the manual can't provide, we'd be happy to provide assistance at 1-888-909-6757.

My Chute is clogged with snow, what should I do?

On rare occasions, heavy or icy snow may cause the discharge chute to become clogged. A clogged snowblower is caused by ice or sticky snow building up around the discharge chute and not allowing snow to flow through as it normally would. If you do get a clog while snow blowing, DO NOT attempt to unclog it with your hands or feet. Instead, turn your machine off and wait at least 10 seconds for it to fully stop. Then, use a broom handle or other long, stiff object to clear the blockage. Lastly, make sure the adjustment chute is not all the way down—this will clog the machine and cause the unit to stop.

Is it difficult to use the snow shovel/thrower with an extension cord?

It can be tricky at first to have a cord attached to your snow shovel, but after a few uses it shouldn't be a problem at all. We suggest you start as close to the outlet as possible and then move outward from the outlet so the slack always stays on the side you are moving away from. You could also put the cord over your shoulder to maintain better control of the slack.

How far can the snow thrower discharge snow?

The distances at which snow is thrown is dependent on the type of snow. For example, light/fluffy snow will have a greater throwing distance in comparison to wet/heavy snowfalls.

What are the benefits of a circular cord head?

The circular head is designed to ensure the power cable from the unit can securely hold an extension cord and reduces any chance of moisture or snow from getting into the two parts. The head of the circular power cord is also highly flexible—any universal single head outdoor extension cord will fit by simply squeezing the sides and inserting the extension cord.

Can I use my Snow Shovel on uneven pavement?

We don't recommend using this snow shovel on uneven or non-paved areas. It is designed to be used on smooth and flat surface areas and could potentially be damaged by uneven surfaces.

Does the Snow Shovel have a chute?

No, the Snow Shovel is not equipped with a chute as it is a light duty electric snow shovel ideal for light to moderate snow conditions. We suggest directing snow to the front or to either side by pushing the snow shovel forward so it rides on the scraper. The direction of the snow changes when the user turns the shovel.

Why won’t my Snow Shovel Start?

The tool is equipped with a safety start up feature. The unit will only start when the following sequence is performed: 1.Verify that the battery pack is inserted into the battery compartment. 2.Press and hold the lock-out button. 3.While holding the lock-out button, press and hold the trigger switch. Please note, the Snow Shovel will not start if the lock-out button is not held until the trigger switch is lifted. Once the trigger is pressed and unit is started, release the lock-out button.

Can I use my Snow Shovel on stairs?

Yes! Electric snow shovels are an effective tool for clearing steps and decks with ease. They are lightweight, gasless, and easy to start—almost anyone can operate them.

Can you lubricate the snow chute to throw snow further?

Though lubricant can be used to reduce clogging which can prevent the snow thrower from throwing at capacity, how far the snow is thrown mostly depends on how heavy the snow is. You can reduce snow clogging issues which can affect performance by using an ice repellent or Teflon spray.

Does Greenworks include a “chute cleaning tool”?

No, there are no chute cleaning tools included with our single stage snow throwers. To clean the chute, stop the unit and remove the battery. Now, any snow build up can be removed safely.

How do I connect my chute? It will not rotate.

Make sure that when the chute handle is inserted it clicks into place. You should be able to hear it when it makes contact.

Which snow blower models have rubber or plastic augers?

- Our 12” snow shovels and single stage 20” snow throwers are equipped with plastic augers. - Our single stage 22” snow throwers are equipped with hybrid and metal/rubber augers. - Our upcoming dual stage 24” snow throwers are equipped with full metal augers.

What does the “Rabbit Button” do on the single stage 22” snow thrower?

The "Rabbit Button" is a part of the snow thrower's variable speed options. Press the speed switch towards the rabbit symbol for higher impeller speed and discharge distance in heavy conditions. Press the speed switch towards the turtle symbol to decrease the impeller speed for longer runtime in light conditions.

Is the impeller covered under warranty?

Yes! All wearable parts (auger, scraper, skid shoes, and drive belt) are covered by a 90-day warranty.

Any recommendations on a weatherproof outdoor cover for the snow blower?

We recommend that you do not store this snow blower outdoors. Instead, store it an enclosed area away from the elements (such as a shed or garage). Batteries and chargers should be stored in a dry, climate-controlled environment (in home or in an insulated/heated garage or shed). Batteries and chargers should also be stored away from sources of extreme heat such as heating pipes, hot water pipes, and open flames.

How well does the snow blower do on grass and gravel?

This unit is recommended for use on paved areas such as your driveway. We do not recommend using the snow thrower on gravel because the gravel, stones, or any other loose surface material will be picked up and thrown by the snow thrower, causing damage to the unit and possibly to nearby property and people.


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