48PH18 48V/24V 20" Dual-Volt Pole Hedge Trimmer


The Greenworks 48PH18 48V/24V 20" Dual-Volt Pole Hedge Trimmer is a cordless, electric hedge trimmer with some notable features and specifications:

  1. Dual voltage capability: The 48PH18 is capable of operating on both 48V and 24V batteries, which allows for flexibility and longer run time.
  2. Cutting width: The trimmer has a cutting width of 20 inches, which allows you to cover more area in less time.
  3. Cutting thickness: The trimmer can cut branches up to 1 inch in diameter with its hardened steel dual-action blades.
  4. Battery life: The trimmer has a run time of up to 60 minutes with a fully charged 48V battery.
  5. Weight: The trimmer weighs around 7.5 pounds, which is a bit lighter than some other cordless hedge trimmers.
  6. Telescoping pole: The trimmer has a telescoping pole that allows you to reach high hedges and bushes without a ladder.
  7. Power: The trimmer has a powerful 48V/24V motor that can handle tough trimming tasks.
  8. Ergonomic design: The trimmer has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold and reduces user fatigue.
  9. Warranty: The trimmer comes with a 4-year tool warranty, which protects the customer from any defects in material and workmanship.
  10. Blades: The dual-action blades reduce vibrations and make the trimmer more efficient while reducing the strain on the user's hands and arms.

- Laser-Cut Blades ensures a consistent, precise and clean cut from every cutting angle.- Kitted to include 2Ah Dual Voltage battery for reliable power that also extends your yard and power tools into a versatile, single platform for all your yard, garage and home tool needs.- Rotating Handle-To get at every angle easily with minimal shift in your cutting stance, this hedger features a rotating handle - ideal for trimming vertically or horizontally.- Extened Reach-The extension allows the user the ability to add 2ft. additional of reach.- Replacement Battery: BAM706 / BAM704- Replacement Charger: CAM803- 3 Year Tool Warranty / 3 Year Battery Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Hedge Trimmer FAQs

Are replacement blades available?

No. The blade is a part of the motor assembly and is not able to be easily replaced by the customer—the blade should be sharpened instead. In most cases, it's required to take the unit to a qualified technician for sharpening. We do not advise the customer to sharpen hedge trimmer blades themselves unless they are familiar with this task.

Can a pole be attached to make this a pole hedge trimmer?

Unfortunately, this is not an option for our designated handheld trimmers.

What should I do if the blade has jammed (motor hums, blades not moving)?

"Option A – Model has an anti-jamming function: If the branch is blocked in the blade, press the anti-jamming button on the control panel, the blade will reverse twice then the branch will release. You can clean the blades by removing any other dirt and debris using a paint brush and then applying a light machine oil—WD-40 or a similar product is recommended. Option B – Model does not have an anti-jamming function: To fix a jam, start by removing the battery or unplugging your unit. Clear the debris and then clean the blades by removing any dirt and leftover debris using a paint brush and then applying a light machine oil—WD-40 or a similar product is recommended."

Why aren’t my blades cutting well?

Typically, this is because of sap or debris being caught between the blades (refer to above cleaning instructions) or the blade needs to be sharpened.

Is there an auto button so that I don't have to continuously hold down the trigger?

No. As a safety precaution, none of our hedge trimmers have an automatic on button that will allow the customer to operate the unit without holding onto the trigger.

What oil do I use to lubricate the blades?

Use a light machine oil to lubricate the blades.

What is the run time?

Hedge trimmers that come with a 2.0Ah battery can provide up to 50 minutes of run time under a light load. However, run time will vary depending on the battery and how the trimmer is being used.

Which hedge trimmer is right for me?

Like many of our tools, hedge trimmers are produced in a wide range of size and power. Our lightweight 2.7A is extremely easy to handle and ideal for smaller projects. The G-max pole saw is best for users with tall, difficult to reach hedges. Our 60V and 80V trimmer are perfect for heavy duty, long-period hedge trimming. Commercial users should refer to our 82V line.

What is the cutting capacity?

Depending on the model, cutting capacity varies between 5/8” or 1.2”. Refer to the owner’s manual for specifics.

Why won’t my hedge trimmer turn on?

"Battery operated: A lot of the time this means the battery hasn’t been fully inserted. On both the charger and the unit, you'll know the battery is properly secured in when you hear a click sound. You'll also be able to determine if the battery is fully inserted if you're not able to pull the battery back out without pushing the release button located on the battery. If the handle rotates, ensure that it's locked in position or the unit will not start. Corded: Ensure that the correct extension cord is being used as advised in the ‘Electrical’ section of the manual and that the cord has not become loose at the outlet or on the trimmer. If the handle rotates, ensure that it is locked in position or the unit will not start.

Do I need to put oil in from time to time?

No! Our hedge trimmers are oil free and don't require any oil. However, you can apply general light machine oil to the blade from time to time to help lubricate and maintain the sharpness of the blade.

Does the hedge trimmer have a safety lock if I accidently drop it?

Yes, if the hedge trimmer is accidentally dropped, the hedge trimmer will turn OFF and the blade will coast to a stop after several seconds. The hedge trimmer will then lock in the OFF position.

What is a pole hedge trimmer?

Pole hedge trimmers are regular hedge trimmers attached to a pole. They are used for cutting high hedges without using a ladder.

Can I add additional poles?

No. We do not advise adding additional extensions.

Can the poles be removed to convert to a handheld hedge trimmer?

No. We don't have a model that allows you to convert between a pole hedger and handheld hedge trimmer. However, some models do allow you to remove the middle extension pole to shorten the unit by a few feet.

How should I hold a pole hedge trimmer?

Always hold the unit firmly with both hands. Keep your left hand on the pole shaft and your right hand on the rear handle so your body is to the left of the blade line. Never use a left-handed (cross-handed) grip or any stance that places your body or arm across the blade line. Ensure that you maintain a proper grip on the unit whenever the motor is running. Always keep proper footing and balance—do not overreach. Practicing proper footing and balance ensures that you will have the best control of the tool in unexpected situations. For further details, refer to your owner’s manual.

Can I trim groundcover with a pole hedge trimmer?

Though not advised, this depends on the user's ability to maintain control at an awkward angle. The pole hedger trimmer is ideal for high level and hard to reach branches—it's not ergonomically suited for low cutting and extreme caution should be taken.


Blade Length:20 InchBattery Capacity:-

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