24T12 24-Volt 12" String Trimmer

with Battery and Charger


The Greenworks 24T12 24-Volt 12" String Trimmer is a cordless and portable string trimmer that runs on a 24-volt battery.
Here are some of the features and specifications of the Greenworks 24T12:

  1. Cordless, portable design powered by a 24V battery
  2. 12-inch cutting width for efficient trimming
  3. Adjustable handlebar for comfortable use
  4. Lightweight and durable design
  5. Part of the Greenworks line of tools, designed for residential use and built to withstand moderate use
  6. Comes with a 4-year warranty for added peace of mind

'- 12 in. Cutting Path / Dual Line .065-in / Bump Feed Head For Quick and Easy Line Advancement- High quality aluminum telescoping shaft allows user to adjust the length of the trimmer based on users height- Adjustable auxiliary handle maximizes control and minimizes arm fatigue- Twist-to-edge technology quickly converts from string trimmer to edger with a push of a button- Lightweight & Compact Design- RPM (High) = 6800 / (Low) = 6200- 3 Year Tool Warranty, 3 Year Battery Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

String Trimmer FAQS

Why doesn’t my string trimmer turn on?

Battery operated string trimmer: Check that the battery has enough charge. Make sure to use a fully charged battery when starting your chores. Also, ensure the battery pack is installed and secured in the unit. If the battery is loose or can easily be removed it is not fully secured. A fully secured battery should have some resistance when pulled. Corded string trimmers: Use the guide inside the owner’s manual to ensure you have the correct extension cord required for operation. Check that the extension cords are in good working condition and make sure they are fully connected on both ends. If it still won't turn on, follow the start guide instructions that are located inside the owner’s manual.

How do I advance line?

Auto-feed string trimmers: To advance line, simply squeeze and release the trigger and repeat. Each time you start and stop the unit approximately ¼ inch of trimmer line will release. The more often you do this, the more line will advance. Bump and Feed string trimmers: While the unit is spinning, gently tap the bottom of the unit (knob) on the ground and the string trimmer will release approximately ¼ inch of line each time you tap it. The more often you do this, the more line will be released.

How do I clean my string trimmer?

To reduce yard debris build up on your string trimmer, do the following: • Wipe the machine after each use with a damp cloth dipped in water or neutral detergent. • Do not use aggressive detergents or solvents to clean the plastic parts or handles. • Keep the trimmer head free of grass, leaves, or excessive grease. • Keep the air vents clean and free of debris to avoid overheating and damage to the motor or battery. • Do not spray water onto the motor and electrical components.

Why does my unit stop when cutting grass?

Check the following if your unit suddenly stops cutting during use: • The guard is not on the unit. Ensure the guard is attached for each use. • The line is too heavy. Make sure you’re using the correct cutting line for your unit. Refer to the specification for the correct diameter of line that should be used with your string trimmer unit. • The motor is overloaded. Make sure that the cutting path (length of line outside of the trimmer head) is no more than the maximum cutting width of your unit. • The battery may be too warm. Allow it to cool and try again. Remove the battery from the unit and take it indoors to a cool/dry shaded location. Leave for 10 minutes, then try again once the the battery cools. • The battery pack may require charging or may not be properly installed.

Why isn’t my string trimmer cutting well?

Check that the guard is cleared of debris. Built up debris on the underside of the guard may prevent the line from cutting at its full potential. Ensure the cutting blade located on the underside of the guard is exposed, clean, and clear of debris. If the blade is dull, sharpen or replace the cutting blade. This will allow your trimmer line to work more effectively.


Line Diameter:.065"Line Advance System:BumpBattery Capacity:-

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